Children's Books

Journey through a dreamland filled with adventures as a knight rescues his prince from dangers and perils. When the sun rises, the knight is rewarded for his dedication and loyalty. This heartwarming tale is Ashley Halil's first children's book. It is illustrated by Denis Alonso.
Spend the day with a tireless king as he accompanies the princess through her royal duties. At the end of the day, the princess falls into a deep sleep, and the king is rewarded with a love that only a father can feel for his daughter. Illustrated by Denis Alonso.

Adult Books

Grace is 21-years-old, lives in Happy Meadows Trailer Estate, hates her church quilting group and, as far as she can tell, “has the good Lord’s ear.” Having His ear has enabled her to have a successful internet prayer business. For only thirty-five dollars a week, Grace prays for those who are sick, lonely, and sad. Her story is woven along with the stories of five of her clients: Cindy, who wants to move to Florida to escape tornadoes; Frankie, who longs for parties like the ones she enjoyed back in the heyday of Studio 54; Arnold who nervously hopes for the success of his “closed-door” women’s clothing and accessories venture; Drew, who is an inmate at Ware State Prison; and Johnny, who is looking for the girl he saw in a vision. When things begin to unravel for Grace, a series of uncanny events unfold which lead her on a journey filled with ridiculous situations, touching moments and a belief that can’t be shaken.
Named one of Amazon’s 2013 Top 100 Breakthrough General Fiction Novels “The characters are very appealing and the author has a gift for comedic writing.” -Amazon Editorial Review “Southern-fried novel, Comin' Across Grace, drew me in, wrapped me up and entertained the hell out of me from beginning to end.” -Willy Mathis, book editor & coach “I was carried to a place that was fun and certainly unique.” - An Avid Reader

About Ashley

Ashley lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Don, and her four children Savannah, Trip, Cole, and Piper. Being a wife and a mother are two of her favorite things, but writing jumps in as a quick third. She has written her whole life... as a creative outlet, as a way to keep her mind sharp, and as a way to avoid a straight jacket. Throughout the day as she performs her daily mundane chores such as scrubbing the toilets and emptying the dishwasher, her mind is perpetually talking to a new character, navigating through an adventure, or pondering the best outcome for an ending. Ashley is also enjoying a new career as a media specialist at Hendricks Avenue Elementary School. She loves sharing the power of books and technology with her students. Her novels tends to have a southern flair since she was born and raised in the south. In her mind, Gone with the Wind will always be the best novel ever written and the best movie ever made. She loves to take her readers on quirky journeys filled with absurdity and lots of twists and turns.

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